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Tina SDK Version

The update instructions for each version are as follows:


The initial version of D1-H Tina Open v1.0 is released to developers. You can get the source code and information without signing NDA. It is only for personal learning and project pre-research use. If you need mass production, please contact Allwinner Business.

Release time: 20210430


Support new functions:

Support 2G version of Nezha development board;

Support temperature control function;

Fix the following problems. Fix the probabilistic loss of GPIO interrupts;

Fixed the problem of audiocodec sound card recording and playback runaway in some cases;

Fix the problem that the brightness of mipi screen cannot be adjusted;

Fix the abnormal printing of opensbi in shutdown printing;

Fix the problem that the TF card is not recognized when it is inserted or removed.

Release time: 20210520